Project Management Services

      Experienced Project Manager to assist in your staffing needs on an existing or new projects

      Maintain project schedule

      Plan Processing with appropriate agencies

      Work directly with the consultants to manage the project and meet company goals

      Attendance at meetings as requested

      Work directly with your staff to meet all deadlines


Board Member Positions

Is your staff overwhelmed with too many meetings? Let us take a spot on the board for you! You will have an experienced Board Member, Project Manager and a Community Manager represent your company with the utmost professionalism. Maintain your position on the Board and stay in tune with the homeowners. We will provide you with detailed reports throughout the tenure.


Project Planning Services

Starting a new community? Let us sit down with you and provide assistance on cost savings and marketing ideas in the early stages of your community. We will meet with your team at your kick-off meeting and throughout the project. Our experience in several different types of communities, amenities and project planning can be of great assistance without any additional cost to you.